Thursday, October 30, 2014
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William Lopez Freed!

We are pleased to announce that William Lopez is free after 23 years in prison. Judge Nicolas Garaufis freed William Lopez. In his conclusion, he said, “what is far from close in the court’s view is that Lopez has been wronged by the State of New York. This wrongdoing has ranged from an overzealous and deceitful trial prosecutor; to a series of indolent and ill-prepared defense attorneys; to a bewildering jury verdict; and to the incomprehensible Justice Demarest, who so regrettably failed time and time again to give meaningful consideration to the host of powerful arguments Lopez presented to her. The result is that a likely innocent man has been in prison for over twenty-three years. He should be released with the State’s apology.”

Read the entire 57-page decision here: Lopez v Miller, Decision

The Foundation is making a difference. We assisted Lopez by finding additional evidence of his innocence, as well as using our connections in the Dominican Republic to line up a reputable, well-equipped, and bilingual firm to find a key witness, and then assist William's lawyers in obtaining a sworn statement from him. This witness ultimately testified via Skype in a post-conviction proceeding which culminated in Lopez's wrongful conviction being overturned.

Read articles and view videos on the Foundation's role in assisting William.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice came into being for the purpose of furthering Jeff’s commitment to the prevention and eradication of wrongful convictions, as the result of his own brutal treatment at age 16 by rogue police, prosecutors, and other law enforcement personnel. He was knowingly and maliciously accused, prosecuted and convicted of the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl, despite the fact that authorities knew his DNA did not match that of the actual perpetrator. That individual, having been left free, as a result, went on to murder another young woman 3 ½ years later.

Deskovic emerged at 33, having been exonerated by further, more sophisticated DNA testing that in fact identified the actual perpetrator. Jeff walked out of prison, a free man with a self imposed mission going forward to do everything in his power to prevent what happened to him from happening to others. He decided he would work to prevent wrongful convictions, and for the exoneration of those who had already suffered his fate, collaboratively with government and private agencies. In furtherance of that mission, the Foundation is charged with a four-pronged mandate:

  • The dissemination of information about wrongful convictions for the purpose of raising public awareness;

  • Advocating for the passage of legislation designed to prevent wrongful convictions;

  • Actively working to bring about exoneration of wrongfully convicted individuals both in DNA and Non-DNA cases;

  • Aiding and enabling reintegration of exonerated persons into free society

All aspects of the Criminal Justice System as it impacts not only the accused, but also their families, crime victims, and the whole of society, will be of perpetual interest to, and occupation of, The Foundation. We invite the participation and contributions of those who share our interests.


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