According to the National Registry of Exonerations there have been 1,783 exonerations to date
In 2015 there was a record number of 149 exonerations
"Up Close: Wrongful Imprisonment"
The Deskovic Foundation contributed to the exoneration of William Lopez, pictured above, who served 23 1/2 years for a wrongful conviction.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice is a New York based 501(c)(3) committed to the prevention of wrongful convictions both in DNA and Non-DNA cases, and the reintegration of exonerees.

The Foundation was established as a result of Deskovic's own wrongful conviction at the age of 17 of the rape and murder of a 15 year old girl.  Authorities knew his DNA did not match that of the actual perpetrator - who, three years later, went on to murder another young woman and mother of two - but rogue police officers, prosecutors, and other law enforcement personnel knowingly and maliciously accused, prosecuted and eventually secured his conviction.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation is committed to fighting wrongful conviction through: raising awareness; seeking legislative changes; exonerating the wrongfully convicted; helping exonerees reintegrate.

When the wrong person is sent to prison, their families and friends are sent with them, while the victim and his/her family is impacted as well. At the same time, society is in danger because the actual perpetrator is free to strike again. We hope you'll join our fight against wrongful convictions. We hope you'll join our fight to keep the actually innocent out of prison, reintegrate the many exonerees who are coming home, and implement the necessary protocols, best practices and legislation to maintain our justice system's integrity.

Jeff visits with Lorenzo in prison, along with one of Lorenzo's Attorneys, Michael Wiseman
Jeffrey and Lorenzo Johnson the day after Lorenzo’s wrongful conviction was re-instated.  May 30, 2012.
Jeff visits with Lorenzo in prison, along with one of Lorenzo's Attorneys, Michael Wiseman.

Help us free Lorenzo Johnson.  Sign his petition here:

Foundation client Lorenzo Johnson, whom it is assisting primarily with public relations, was released after a federal court ruled there was insufficient evidence- tantamount to a not guilty verdict. Just 4 months later, Jeff had to drive him back to prison to resume a life without parole sentence for a crime he is innocent of because the US Supreme Court reinstated the conviction. 

 Support our efforts to help free him by signing his petition.